Why I made this website

I am writing/creating this website because I want people to understand what teenagers are doing in the technology field.


It’s probably very interesting seeing a 15 year old make a blog or even a website.  I read all these tech blogs and posts on Reddit from 25 to 30 year old about how their life and technology related jobs are going. But you never here about a teenagers point of view in the technology field. Actually that probably is wrong, you’ll have the occasional post asking “How do I DDOS?” or “I want to hack my school”. I am planing to bring weekly posts on Sunday nights about what I have learned throughout the week, what projects I have finished or I continue to work on or even my struggle going through high school(and yes I do know college is harder than high school). If you want a sentence from me explaining why I am doing this here it is; I am writing/creating this website because I want people to understand what teenagers are doing in the technology field.

Anyways I am going to explain a little bit about what I am currently working on in my free time. Side note when reading this I normally go off on tangents but it adds character to my writing.

I am currently creating a plugin for Minecraft servers that manages tickets. The server will take all the information and submit it to a MySQL table where then the information will be presented on a webpage on the server’s website. I am currently learning a lot about MySQL and how to get and submit information to tables for the webpage I making to get and also the server side to manage. The project is currently available on GitLab here, https://gitlab.com/MrMcaustin1/MrTickets. In the GitLab repository you can find all the code for the Minecraft plugin as well the server side mock up website that I took from a template then wrote my own webpage to incorporate onto it. The plugin is coded completely in Java and then the website is coded in a mix of PHP and HTML5. The code for the plugin is very messy, I free write most of it, meaning I just go into it having no idea how I am going to do it but I know what I want it to do; only small things I take from online forums I belong to like SpigotMC, Bukkit, and every programmers favorite Stack Overflow. I have completed about 30% of the plugins progress and if you want to keep up to date on the plugin go ahead and press the watch button on the GitLab project page. If you want to make suggestions go ahead and read the contributing guide. I push out the project every night after I finish working on the project.

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