Merry Christmas

I am working through some bugs on my plugin as well I got a nice drone for Christmas.


Sorry for not posting a blog on Sunday but you should understand due to it being Christmas.

I have been working through some few bugs on the Minecraft plugin I have been making. I am querying a table a lot getting different pieces of information but I came into a bug where the MySQL query code works just fine in PHPMyAdmin but through Minecraft it doesn’t work with my code. I am currently discussing it with some developers on I have updated the GitLab repository with all up to date code. If you want to try to help me click here for a quick overview on what is happening.

For Christmas I got a DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone. I have to admit it is a lot of fun flying it! I have been flying it around my house and stuff and I am slowly getting better at it. I have uploaded some YouTube videos of me flying it. All footage is shot at 1440p at 30fps.

Snow Week

This week was cut short due to the amount of snow. I’ve been super busy with school work and projects. I was able to render a video of some work I did last week on the 11th. In brief this week was only 3 days long due to a giant snow storm that come through my state. 2-3 inches of snow were recorded in the first 3 hours. My normally 20 minute bus ride home turned into 2 hours. I didn’t work on the MrTickets project at all this week and I have family coming into town soon so the project is currently on hold. Below is a 10 minute video of some coding I did.

MrTickets Video?

My week was very exciting and boring at the same time. We only had a three day week due to a snow storm on Thursday and Friday. I took the time on Thursday and Friday to catch up on some work and to educate myself on some PHP videos on YouTube.

I normally write these the day before and just have them scheduled to come out the next day around noon but I was really focused on the MrTickets project that I completely forgot about it until right before midnight. I was able to record about 40 minutes of me working through something for the plugin and just shortened the time to 15 minutes. The GitLab repository is up to date and you can find it here. I uploaded the time lapse of me coding to YouTube and it will be provided below. Side note sorry that the video is a bit fuzzy I down scaled it from 1080p to 720p for a faster upload and render time, next video will be 1080p.

I’m sorry for the short blog post today, next weeks hopefully will be a bit more exciting.

CTF & Advent of Coding

I recently have been looking into CTFs(Capture the Flags). Let me quote on what a CTF is,

Capture the Flag (CTF) is a special kind of information security competitions. There are three common types of CTFs: Jeopardy, Attack-Defense and mixed. Jeopardy-style CTFs has a couple of questions (tasks) in range of categories. For example, Web, Forensic, Crypto, Binary or something else.


I had a no school on Monday so I started working on a CTF made by Security Innovation called I was successfully able to make it past the first level. I can’t do any spoilers but you should be able to get it really quickly if you know what you are doing. I started working on the second part of it then I realized I needed to install Kali on one of my VM’s. I had install when I was doing my homework. By the time I finished my homework it was around 10:00pm and I had to get up pretty early the next day for school(4:45am).

School was pretty boring all week. Out of my 8 classes I take a day 3 to 4 of them had a sub. The students at my school including myself actually like learning since we are all focused on a certain career field in the future, and my school provides difficult classes for us to take to excel in those fields. The probably most exciting thing that happened this week was me watching YouTube videos on my school provided laptop during chemistry. In my engineering class we were working on statistical probability of things happening, my friend and I have already taken majority of stats before so we were able to finish it in an hour meanwhile the rest of the class took 3 to 4 days to complete the packet. The packet consisted of just some simple stat questions, for example, if you flipped a coin 50 times what was the experimental probability that it will land on heads, 22 times thus making it a 44% chance of landing heads versus tales.

On November 30th I was browsing Reddit during class and I found something called the Advent of Code. Advent of Code(AoC) is an Advent calendar that provides a programming challenge everyday at midnight EST. I bookmarked the website,, and I continued browsing Reddit. The next day, I remembered the AoC and went to the website to what the first day’s problem looked like. In a shortened down version you were dropped at point (0,0) facing North. You were then given instructions like R2, L3 which says go right of North and proceed 2 blocks East and then go left and go 3 blocks North. I read through the instructions a bit and realized this was a bit like taxicab geometry, where you have a starting point and a ending point and you have to calculate how blocks away your ending point is away from your starting point. I found someones code on the subreddit /r/AdventOfCode and I modified it so it would work for me and I put in my input to get my end point then I used the taxicab geometry formula and found out how many blocks away it was and then I submitted it to the website, all using a Python IDE online. I have completed days 1 thru 3 already.