MrTickets Video?

My week was very exciting and boring at the same time. We only had a three day week due to a snow storm on Thursday and Friday. I took the time on Thursday and Friday to catch up on some work and to educate myself on some PHP videos on YouTube.

I normally write these the day before and just have them scheduled to come out the next day around noon but I was really focused on the MrTickets project that I completely forgot about it until right before midnight. I was able to record about 40 minutes of me working through something for the plugin and just shortened the time to 15 minutes. The GitLab repository is up to date and you can find it here. I uploaded the time lapse of me coding to YouTube and it will be provided below. Side note sorry that the video is a bit fuzzy I down scaled it from 1080p to 720p for a faster upload and render time, next video will be 1080p.

I’m sorry for the short blog post today, next weeks hopefully will be a bit more exciting.