Merry Christmas

I am working through some bugs on my plugin as well I got a nice drone for Christmas.


Sorry for not posting a blog on Sunday but you should understand due to it being Christmas.

I have been working through some few bugs on the Minecraft plugin I have been making. I am querying a table a lot getting different pieces of information but I came into a bug where the MySQL query code works just fine in PHPMyAdmin but through Minecraft it doesn’t work with my code. I am currently discussing it with some developers on I have updated the GitLab repository with all up to date code. If you want to try to help me click here for a quick overview on what is happening.

For Christmas I got a DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone. I have to admit it is a lot of fun flying it! I have been flying it around my house and stuff and I am slowly getting better at it. I have uploaded some YouTube videos of me flying it. All footage is shot at 1440p at 30fps.